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Protect your high value possessions

Don’t put your possessions at risk by underinsuring

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As a professional with valuable possessions and property, you need to feel reassured they are adequately protected. Yet, we frequently meet customers whose existing insurance falls woefully short, exposing them to a major shortfall in the event they need to make a claim.

Benefit from our free professional home appraisal service
To ensure your contents cover is completely tailored to your needs, we offer an initial no-obligation home appraisal. This is provided at no cost to you through our valuation partners. A professional appraiser will visit you at a convenient time to help you set the correct levels of cover required for insurance purposes.

What are the risks of being underinsured?
If your current insurance does not reflect the true value of your buildings and contents, any claim settlement may not be enough to cover your loss, making an already stressful experience much worse. Did you know that your insurer can reduce your claim by the level of your under-insurance? This is known as the 'average clause' and could cost you thousands.

Here's what could happen:
  • You are currently insured for £75,000
  • The actual value of your contents is £125,000 (so you're only insured for 60% of the true value)
  • The unexpected happens and you need to make a claim for a burst pipe that has caused you damage of £20,000
  • As you're underinsured, your insurer only pays out 60%: £12,000
  • You're £8,000 out of pocket.
The worst-case scenario is that your insurer uses underinsurance as grounds to void your policy completely, paying you nothing.

Some of our customers are surprised to find out their own level of underinsurance. One of our customers was underinsured by over 400%! In this exceptional case, in the event of a claim, the insurer could have voided the policy completely.

So, make sure you get peace of mind today and book your free home appraisal.

Call 0800 107 3366 to discuss your insurance cover today.

Request a home appraisal

  • Book your free home appraisal at a time convenient for you
  • Our professional home appraisal expert will visit your home
  • They'll help you set the right level of cover in case of a claim

Request a home appraisal

Make sure your high value possessions are fully protected with our free home appraisal.


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