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Women 'unhappy' with gender ruling

A court ruling that means car insurance companies will no longer be able to take the gender of a driver into account when setting premiums has been labelled as unfair by eight out of 10 women, according to a survey.

Some 78 per cent of females said they were displeased with the landmark decision by the European Court of Justice to ban insurers from looking at gender-based statistics that show men cause more car accidents than women.

They were questioned in a survey for discount website

The legislation will come as another blow to female drivers, many of whom are already struggling to keep up with car insurance premiums, which - although they are currently lower than those of males - are still on the rise as a result of rising levels of fraud in the industry.

But men are also expected to be unhappy with the decision, which is likely to have an adverse effect on their annuities. Men currently get higher annuity payments than women for the same amount of money because, on average, women tend to outlive them.

Annuity rates have also fallen to record low levels on the back of rising life expectancy and investment volatility.

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