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Workers pay extra £3k for pension

Millions of doctors, nurses, teachers and civil servants will be told they have to pay up to £3,000 annually to keep up their pension schemes, reports suggest.

Details of the extra contributions, which will affect public sector workers, are due to be set out by ministers.

The changes will impact the top earners in the sector with five million in pension schemes due to be affected.

Around 750,000 of the lowest-paid workers will not see a contributions rise, leaked details obtained by the Daily Telegraph reveal.

Somewhere in the region of 40,000 workers earning over £100,000 will pay an additional £284 a month or £3,400 a year towards their pension within the first year

Doctors earning over this amount could expect to pay up to an extra £2,000 a year, while teachers will pay £1,752 and civil servants £684.

An additional £516 a year will be added to the contributions of those who earn £35,000, while those with salaries of £21,000 will pay an extra £108.

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