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Webb assurance over 'fair' pensions

Liberal Democrat MP and pensions minister Steve Webb has told the party's Birmingham conference that the Government will do all it can for women affected by the increase in the state pension age.

He said the Coalition acknowledges that the proposed alterations to the pension age must "be fair".

Mr Webb said that a sixth of those living in Britain will celebrate their 100th birthday - a milestone, he said, that a third of girls born today will also reach.

"The Government has already made it clear that the date when [the] state pension age reaches 67 and 68 will have to be brought forward. But we also recognise that those changes have to be fair," he said.

The minister added that even though the Government must continue to speed up plans to make the pension age gender-equal, he can assure people that "we will do all that we can to see the transition for that particular group of women most affected by the change is made as fair as we can".

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