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Loans 'do not cover student costs'

A union has claimed that many students are left financially struggling because grants and loans from the state do not cover their living and education costs.

Students who do not live in London face an £8,000 shortfall at present, a National Union of Students (NUS) study found.

Those who study outside of the capital could pay, on average, £16,279 in the 2011/12 period, the NUS analysis said.

The total costs were accounted for by things like books, equipment, food, rent and tuition fees.

Despite these outgoings, a student's potential income is £8,242 via loans and grants, the NUS said.

The figures suggest that students have £8,037 too little to live on.

Prospective students could consider opening a savings account to help them afford the cost of their studies.

Liam Burns, NUS president, said: "Not enough of the student support in the higher education system is getting into the pockets of students and there is a real danger that the situation is getting worse."

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