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Average dentist wage 'drops 5.2pc'

Dentists in England and Wales faced a fall in their average taxable income during 2009/10, an NHS report has suggested.

During the period, an average of £84,900 was earned by self employed primary care dentists, which was a 5.2 per cent decrease in comparison to the previous year's £89,600, the NHS Information Centre report said.

A taxable income of £300,000 plus was earned by 1.5 per cent of dentists, but the majority (58.8 per cent) earned £75 000 or less, the Dental Earnings and Expenses, England and Wales 2009/10 study showed.

Tim Straughan, the NHS Information Centre's chief executive, said the report covered the fourth financial year since the 2006 introduction of the new England and Wales dental contract.

"Information about the average dental pay packet of course is of key interest to the dental community, but today's figures also provide a useful insight for the wider NHS," he said.

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