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Britons 'saving more each month'

Britons are saving 12 per cent more than they were a year ago, a survey has revealed.

The average saver was putting away £114 a month in September, compared to £102 a year earlier.

Optimum Research also discovered that the number of people with savings has grown, with only 21 per cent saying they did not have savings, compared to 30 per cent in 2010.

Men are saving more than women, with men typically putting away £132 a month compared to the £98 put aside by women on average.

The average total amount held in savings is £20,604, with 43 per cent holding their savings in a cash Isa, 14 per cent in a stocks and shares ISA, and 9 per cent owning savings bonds.

Finally, a quarter of those polled said they plan to boost the amount of their monthly deposits over the next three to six months.

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