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Trainee doctors reveal job fears

The General Medical Council (GMC) has revealed that almost a quarter of trainee doctors feel they are occasionally pushed too far.

Results from the National Training Survey 2011 showed that 22.9 per cent feel they have "to cope with problems beyond their clinical competence or experience".

From this figure 11.1 per cent said it happens on a monthly basis, 9.8 per cent described it occurring on a weekly basis and 1.9 per cent felt they were pushed too far on a daily basis.

Overall, 79 per cent of junior doctors said their training is excellent or good, but 25 per cent of newly-qualified doctors said they do not feel like they are ready to start working as a junior doctor.

The GMC pointed out that the figures have improved on last year's poll, but it admitted there are "serious concerns that need to be tackled urgently".

A total of 46,668 trainee doctors completed the survey out of 53,674 who were eligible, creating a response rate of 87 per cent.

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