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'Positive outlook' for UK investors

The UK will be a "safe haven" for investors next year, according to a financial expert.

Richard Saunders, chief executive of the Investment Management Association (IMA), said research has found that two-thirds of UK investors are planning to add to their portfolios in the next year - something he says is proof that they apparently believe Britain remains a good bet for investments despite general economic uncertainty.

Away from the UK, he said that IMA figures show UK investors have a "low exposure to debt" linked to troubled eurozone countries like Greece, Italy and Spain.

However, he noted that retail investors are among the most wary about the next 12 months, saying the debt crisis in Europe is likely to have an impact on their returns.

He added: "History shows that UK investors tend to hold their investments in periods of volatility. This is backed up by our most recent statistics, which show fund sales slowing but remaining in positive territory."

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