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NHS Choices website visits soar

An increasing number of people are logging on to the NHS Choices website to access information about health-related issues, figures show.

The website typically received 368,000 hits a day between October and December of last year, compared to just 235,000 hits a day during the same period of 2010. This translates to about 11 million visits per month, compared with 6.8 million in 2010.

With more people using the internet for advice about minor health matters, less pressure could be placed on GPs as they are less likely to be consulted over every sneeze and sniffle.

Health minister Simon Burns said: "The internet is an increasingly popular source of health advice for millions of people, especially over the busy winter period.

"I am pleased that over 50% more patients than this time last year are getting accurate, reliable online advice about how to best manage their symptoms to get them on the road to recovery as quickly as possible."

He added: "Easy and convenient online access to information, as well as over the phone, is not only hugely reassuring for patients but also supports the NHS in delivering the best possible care during busier periods."

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