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More ICT specialists 'are needed'

There is a lack of specialist ICT teachers, the Royal Society has warned.

The leading scientific body pointed out in a new report that a poor curriculum and a lack of properly qualified teachers - with pupils sometimes knowing more than those taking classes - are "demotivating" youngsters.

It has called for new targets to be put in place to recruit ICT specialists and make "digital literacy" compulsory for five to 14-year-olds.

The findings, which have been revealed only days after Education Secretary Michael Gove unveiled plans to change the ICT curriculum, show that only 35 per cent of those teaching ICT have a relevant qualification.

This is low compared to the specialists teaching biology (88 per cent), chemistry (73 per cent), maths (74 per cent) and physics (69 per cent).

Professor Steve Furber, who led the study, said it was "striking" that so much ICT teaching was being completed by non-specialists.

"They don't have specialist knowledge to present computing," he said.

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