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Parents 'concerned about uni fees'

University is primarily viewed as a stepping stone to a well-paid career, with employability being deemed the most important reason for going.

That is according to a survey by KPMG, which suggests perceptions of higher education have shifted, from "being the last step in an individual's education to being the first decisive step in building a career".

With tuition fees at English universities soaring to up to £9,000 a year, parents and students alike now view university primarily as a means to get a job.

The survey of 1,000 people - 500 parents and 500 university students or school leavers - found that 68 per cent of all respondents believe the most important thing about going to university is to get a qualification that leads to a well-paid job.

The need to save up for tuition fees is being felt up and down the country - 77 per cent of parents said the increase in tuition fees would be a barrier to their child going to university.

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