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Parents 'more savvy amid recession'

For parents, impulsive buys are out while discounts and voucher codes are in, new research suggests.

Indicating that the recession has bred a nation of savvy shopping parents, a poll by the Baby Show found that mums and dads are more cautious than ever.

Some 83 per cent said they were using vouchers and discount codes, while for 78 per cent impulsive buys were a big no-no. Instead, parents are taking the time to research the things they buy, comparing prices and trying out the items.

And it is little wonder, because 93 per cent are worried about their financial situation. The recession has made two thirds of parents more cautious, the findings suggest.

The importance of having savings has scarcely been so great and many families are having to dip into them to prevent falling into greater financial difficulty.

Melanie Hall, a spokeswoman for the Baby Show, which conducted the poll of 1,000 parents, said: "This poll is very insightful and highlights that parents are trying to adapt to these hard times.

"The financial pressures on families are huge and parents are trying to make the wisest possible choices.

"Parents are taking the time to find out about products, investigating the quality of it and comparing the prices before buying them. This savvy shopping is helping them to save money which can be used for other things such as paying bills."

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