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One in five 'find forgotten cash'

One in five 'find forgotten cash'

Many absent-minded savers have stumbled across money they had forgotten about, according to a new survey.

One in five people said they had found money they did not know they had, with some even finding a four or five-figure sum.

As many as 8 per cent of respondents admitted they had placed money in a deposit account, bond or ISA and then forgotten about it.

Another 6 per cent told the OnePoll survey that they had found money in an old child's saving account, and 7 per cent said they had found cash in an old money box.

Some people benefited hugely from their unexpected windfall, with 1 per cent being reunited with more than £20,000 and the same proportion finding £10,000.

A further 5 per cent of people found up to £1,000 and 2 per cent found a £5,000 sum.

But the majority of people found much less money, with 17 per cent finding £100 or less.

A quarter found less than £10, and 24 per cent found less than £50.

One in 10 people admitted that they did not trust themselves with money and handed over their savings to family or friends to look after on their behalf.

Around 45 per cent of people said they still kept some of their money in an old money box, while 18 per cent kept cash in a kitchen drawer.

The average person currently saves just over £1,300 a year, with men typically saving £122 a month, while women set aside £104.

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