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Inclusion & Diversity

Wesleyan is working hard to be a leading organisation with regard to inclusivity and diversity.

Wesleyan was founded in 1841 in Birmingham, a city with a history of growth and success as a result of continual migration and immigration. Today, Birmingham is the UK's most culturally and ethnically diverse city outside London. Like our hometown, Wesleyan values inclusion and diversity which is why opportunities to work with us are open to everyone.

By encouraging people to be themselves and contribute their opinions and perspective, we'll make better decisions as a business for our members and customers. Wesleyan is working hard to be a leading organisation with regard to inclusivity and diversity. Take a moment to read our Year in Review for an update on our progress to date.

Strength in numbers

To support our drive to be an inclusive employer of choice, we're partnering with external organisations including The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei), Stonewall, and have also signed the Inclusive Behaviours in Insurance Pledge.

We recognise that with the support these partnerships bring, we can further develop our activity to promote equality, inclusion and diversity. Alongside this we've established an internal working group to assist with and enable the effective delivery of our inclusion and diversity activity.

This group is Chaired by Roger Dix, Chief Risk Officer along with Caroline Hill, Director of HR & Corporate Services and Chair Representatives from our Inclusion and Diversity employee networks; LGBT+, Gender, BAME, Physical and Mental Wellbeing.

"Having a truly diverse workforce helps Wesleyan look and sound more like our customers, so we're better able to serve them and the wider communities in which we all live."
Roger Dix, Chief Risk Officer and Executive Sponsor for Inclusion and Diversity

We've also proudly signed up to the Women in Finance Charter and 30% Club to improve gender balance and develop the next generation of female leaders. We've set ambitious but achievable targets to increase the proportion of women in senior roles to 33% by 2023.

"Our customers come from a wide range of backgrounds and we want to reflect this diversity within our own people, helping us to do what's right both for the business as well as the doctors, dentists, lawyers and teachers we serve.

"We understand that to achieve sustainable gender balance at all levels, we must work to effect change, especially in the finance industry that has traditionally been male dominated." Nathan Moss, Chairman

Commitment to closing the gap

Whilst reporting the gender pay gap is now a regulatory requirement, it is something we have monitored internally for some time and welcome the attention being given to this important agenda.

Our full statement on Wesleyan's gender pay gap can be found here.

Being fair to all is in our DNA. As an employer of choice, we set out to recruit the best people for the job, irrespective of gender, race, or any other factor.

Our Inclusion and Diversity programme supports the removal of gender bias and we play an active role in supporting minority groups in the workplace through our employee networks and external partnerships.

Our Inclusion and diversity annual report demonstrates the progression we've already made. Whilst we have made a major leap forward we remain focused on continuing to embed our employee networks, processes and policies, and build upon our partnerships to benefit our customer, members, employee and local community.


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