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Growing number of dentists wouldn't recommend their profession

Half of dentists would not recommend their profession to friends and family members, according to new research by Wesleyan, the specialist financial services provider for dentists.

In sharp contrast to findings a year ago, 50% of dentists said they would not recommend the profession, compared with 31% in 2014.

More than eight out of 10 (81%) dentists also say the increasing cost of education and training, along with changes to pay and conditions, will deter future generations from choosing the profession, up from 74% a year ago.

Despite their concerns for the future, just under three quarters (71%) of those already working in the profession say they would choose the same profession if they could start again, compared with 60% in 2014. However, 94% admit increased pressure caused by recent changes in the profession is a major issue.

When asked what they were most concerned about over the next five years, the introduction of the new NHS dental contract (in England and Wales) emerged as the biggest worry for 60% of dentists followed by rising costs in the profession (58%). Just over a third (36%) of dentists also said changes to the NHS Pension Scheme are a major cause of concern.

Judith Husband, a dentist and member of Wesleyan's Members Advisory Board, said: "There are huge stresses in the dental profession and great unhappiness, even fear, regarding our regulator, not to mention an uncertain NHS future.

"More than half of dentists in England and Wales are associates and, because of the massive rise in the value of practices, it is becoming increasingly difficult for those with an ambition to own their own practice to actually achieve this.

"However, practising dentistry and looking after patients remains a rewarding career with lots of varied opportunities and I would consider myself one of those who would recommend it to the next generation."

Alan Whiting, Wesleyan Group Head of Marketing, said: "Our research shows dentists have some major concerns about changes taking place in the profession.

"As a specialist provider of financial advice for dentists, Wesleyan understands the wider professional issues that can impact their career path and their future earning income. We can help dentists plan their finances, and those of their business, helping them make the most of their money both for now and the future."

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