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More information about the two With Profits Funds and Guides

For further information, please refer to our guides on how With Profit Funds work.

We have two With Profits Funds:

  • The Wesleyan Open Fund is our main With Profits fund. There are two guides that for policies invested in this fund:

    o The first one is for Unitised With Profits policies, which are policies where premiums are used to buy units, which you can download here. All new policies will fall into this category

    o The second covers Conventional With Profits policies, which are policies where premiums are not used to buy units, which you can download here. These will apply for older policies

  • The Medical Sickness Society Fund for Medical Sickness Society policies purchased before our merger in July 1997. This was closed to new policies at the time of the merger and is covered in its own guide, which you can download here.

If you are considering investing in our With Profits fund we recommend that you read the relevant guide, available from the links above. The guides cover areas such as:

  • How your payout depends on what guarantees your policy includes, and any bonuses we add
  • How we decide bonuses
  • How your payout might be affected if you cash in your policy
  • The types of investments made, and how we aim to shelter you from short-term highs and lows
  • Where you can find more information

If you are unsure about what type of policy you have with us, or have further queries after reading these booklets please contact your Financial Consultant or ring our helpline on 0800 294 1508.

You may have more than one policy with us, and so may need to read more than one of the guides.

The booklets can be downloaded from the links above, and paper copies are available from your Financial Consultant or from our helpline on 0800 294 1508.

All policy holders are provided with the relevant guide at time of purchase.

More detailed guides to the With Profits Funds & Principles & Practices of Financial Management (PPFM).

Every year we will report to With Profit policyholders on our compliance with our PPFM. As for the PPFM itself, there is a separate report for each of the two funds. Links to the latest reports can be found at the bottom of this page.

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