Wesleyan Financial Services is on a mission to enhance financial support for women in dentistry, and raise awareness on financial planning issues that could leave them at a disadvantage. That's why we've been conducting research with insights from your peers to find out the top financial concerns and risks for female dentists. 

Are you confident your financial plan will enable you to achieve your goals?

Whether it's getting to grips with self-employment in your early career, growing your wealth and financial stability, or planning your dream retirement, there’s a lot to consider.

Developed for female dentists with research gained directly from peers across the UK, this free report takes a look at some of the key financial priorities and approaches that are taken compared to male colleagues, including:

  • The top five financial priorities in the next twelve months
  • NHS pressures and the exploration of new opportunities
  • Aspirations of practice ownership
  • The gap in mid- to long-term financial planning
  • Commentary from industry specialists and key opinion leaders in dentistry

Getting specialist advice from financial advisers who understand the nuances of a career in dentistry could help you overcome associated risks such as those revealed in the report or move you closer to achieving financial goals.

Our Specialist Dental Financial Advisers can help you on every step of life's journey and are focussed on enriching life for you and your family with positive financial planning.

Access our comprehensive report

Download the free report from Wesleyan Financial Services to find out what challenges your female peers face when it comes financial planning, alongside considerations to help you achieve your goals.

Findings are based on consumer research of 363 dental professionals (189 of which were female dentists), conducted by FMC on behalf of Wesleyan Financial Services between the 12th March and 3rd of May 2022.