Landlord Insurance

Key features:

  • Buildings, contents or combined cover options
  • Available for all types of properties and tenants
  • Landlords legal protection & rent guarantee cover (at an additional cost)
  • Property owners' liability up to £5,000,000
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If you're renting out a property, it's important to make sure that you have adequate insurance not only for the building itself but also for any issues associated with renting property, such as unpaid rent. After all, you'll want to protect your investment.

Your property portfolio is one of your most valuable assets. As a broker we search a panel of leading landlord insurance providers to find you the best policy tailored to meet your needs.

Whether you have one property or several buy-to-let properties, we can help. We cater for landlords who rent out houses, flats, bedsits, student lettings, or professional accommodation.

Our home policies can cover

Standard cover

  • Malicious damage to buildings by tenants
  • Alternative accommodation for your tenants - if the property isn't fit to live in following an insured event such as a fire or flood
  • Repair or re-build your property following an insured event such as a flood or fire
  • Theft or attempted theft - including broken windows and doors
  • Damage caused by escape of water or oil - such as leaks from fixed water tanks or domestic oil-fired heating installation or burst pipes 
  •  Accidental damage or loss to buildings and/or contents  - to fixtures and fittings such as sanitary ware, carpets and free-standing furniture
  • Accidental damage to services - including domestic oil pipes, water-supply pipes, gas pipes, underground sewers, drains and septic tanks
  • Trace and cover - covers the cost of locating the source of a leak and making the necessary repairs
  • Subsidence, heave or landslip - on the site of your property
  •  Public Liability, up to £2 million - Covers costs and damages for bodily injury or damage to property caused by an accident on your property

Optional cover (additional costs apply)

  • Landlords Legal Expenses -  covers costs for legal disputes such as eviction
  • Landlords Rent Guarantee - to protect your rental income should your tenants unable to pay their rent
  • Cover for loss of rent that you cannot recover - following an insured event, up to 20% of buildings sum insured

Our home policies can't cover

  • Accidental damage or loss to contents - that belong to your tenants
  • Cover for loss of rent - to any property that were unoccupied immediately before the insured event, giving rise to a claim
  •  Theft or attempted theft - of money, certificates, documents or valuables

Optional Extras

For those that need a bit extra, you can broaden your cover (extra charges apply) to include: 
  • Landlords Legal Expenses
    Covers costs for legal disputes such as eviction
  • Landlords Rent Guarantee
    To protect your rental income should your tenants unable to pay their rent
  • Accidental damage or loss to buildings and/or contents
    To fixtures and fittings such as sanitary ware, carpets and free-standing furniture


Is it compulsory to have landlords insurance?
By law you don't need to have landlord insurance, however your mortgage provider may want you to take out landlord's insurance as part of your conditions of securing a mortgage - in particular if it's a buy-to-let or landlord mortgage.

Is home insurance the same as landlords insurance?
No, home insurance is not the same as landlords insurance. It doesn't offer the same cover, although there are some similarities between the two.

Home insurance cannot cover you for issues that are associated with renting out your property unlike Landlord insurance.

Landlord insurance can offer cover such as rent guarantee which protects your rental income if your tenants are unable to pay, legal expenses for disputes such as eviction or malicious damage by your tenants. Is landlord insurance tax deductible?
In short, yes - landlords insurance is tax deductible.

Landlords can claim certain costs relating to the running and maintaining their rental property as a business expense such as Landlord insurance.

Therefore, you can deduct the cost of insuring your buy-to-let property from your rental income, when calculating how much Income Tax you owe, and therefore reducing your tax bill.

Important information

Before you apply online for Landlord Insurance, we recommend that you read the following documents:

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Limits, exclusions and charges do apply.

Full terms and conditions of the policy and cover, including the policy benefits and exclusions, will be contained in the Policy Wording and Policy Summary.

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