Non-Standard Home Insurance

Key features:

  • Tailored insurance cover to suit your unique home
  • Cover for more unusual properties
  • Includes specialist cover for certain circumstances
Why choose us?


20% off Non-Standard home insurance

Tailored home insurance for out of the ordinary houses and circumstances

If your home is made of anything different to bricks or stone and mortar with either a tiled or slate roof, it's likely to be deemed as non-standard. 

In addition to properties not built to standard construction methods, your home may be subject to circumstances which make it non-standard or specialist.  For example, your home may be in a high-risk flood or subsidence area, your property is unoccupied or it's a holiday home.

Finding home insurance, when your needs aren't the norm, isn't always easy.  But Wesleyan Financial Services can tailor your insurance policy to suit your requirements, from our panel of insurers.  Our friendly and helpful team are on hand, to help you protect what's important to you.

Wesleyan Financial Services offer a wide range of insurance cover for homes where standard home insurance may not cover your needs.  

  • Non-standard construction
    For any home not built from bricks and stone with a tiled or slate roof, you'll need specialist insurance to ensure you're covered.  We can cover you for properties built with more unusual materials and construction methods, from timber frames, converted barns, wattle and daub to glass constructions and more.  
  • Subsidence and underpinned homes
    If your home is located in an area prone to subsidence or it has suffered from subsidence and is underpinned, you'll need specialist insurance.  Most standard insurers are reluctant to provide cover for this, but Wesleyan is on hand to help.
  • Flooded risk
    Getting cover for homes in high-risk flood areas or if your home has been flooded in the past, can be difficult.  However, our experienced insurance consultants can find the right cover for you. 
  • Unoccupied properties
    For homes that are left unoccupied for more than 30 days at a time, it may be difficult to get cover.  Wesleyan can help find a specialist policy that suits your needs.
  • Listed properties
    Repairs to listed buildings can be more expensive as you may need specific materials or use certain methods.  Therefore, it's difficult insuring listed properties under a standard policy.  However, Wesleyan can help find cover to suit your requirements.
  • Holiday home
    Some of the risks associated with owning and letting out a holiday home are different to your main residence.  We can provide more specialist cover for holiday homes such as cottages, houses to flats and apartments.
  • Landlord Insurance
    Standard insurance won't cover you for issues arising from renting a property such as unpaid rent.  Get peace of mind with a tailored landlord insurance from Wesleyan. 
  • Bankruptcy, criminal convictions, claims history
    Many standard insurers may refuse cover if you or your partner are or have been bankrupt, or have any unspent criminal convictions.  Also, if you have made a large number of claims or a big claim, you may find it difficult to obtain cover.  Our experts can take a more tailored approach to help you find a specialist policy.

Limits, exclusions and charges do apply. Full terms and conditions of the policy and cover, including the policy benefits and exclusions, will be contained in the Policy Wording and Policy Summary. 

What's not covered:

  • Park homes
  • Mobile homes
Important information
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