Business funding for education

Helping you finance the future of your school

For your students to reach their potential, your school has to be at the top of its game too. At Wesleyan Bank, we can help you take your learning environments to the next level, to get the best outcomes for every pupil.

We provide specialist loans and funding solutions for schools, colleges, academies and universities, to help you invest in your future without the up-front cost. 

Whether you need new digital devices, IT platforms or sports equipment, talk to us and see what we can do for you.

Solutions for schools

Asset finance

Asset loans allow your school to spread the cost of your technology or equipment investments, helping you control your cashflow. But at Wesleyan Bank, we go further. We help you reduce the complexity of your contracts too.

BYOD funding

At Wesleyan Bank, we’ve devised a smart way to provide cutting-edge technology for your students – at zero cost to your school. Our BYOD solution helps you set up a Bring Your Own Device scheme, funded by parents.