BYOD (Bring your own device) funding

Helping schools deliver on digital

Why choose BYOD funding from Wesleyan Bank?

Inside and outside the classroom, digital devices are key to the modern learning experience. At Wesleyan Bank, we’ve devised a smart way to provide cutting-edge technology for your students – at zero cost to your school.

  • Provide your students with laptops and tablets without hurting your cashflow
  • Devices are funded via a monthly payment scheme, paid for by parents
  • No restriction in your choice of device or manufacturer 
  • Choose an agreement length between 2 and 4 years
  • Manage your devices through a tailored, branded portal

How it works

Developed by educational experts at Wesleyan Bank, our BYOD scheme is much more than just a loan. It’s a complete package designed to help you select, fund and manage digital devices for your pupils.

Here’s how it works...

  • We work with your school to understand what technology your pupils need. You might have certain makes and models in mind, but if not, we can help you choose. We’re not tied to any particular supplier.
  • We provide the funding to purchase the devices and set up an online portal for you to run your scheme. Through the portal, parents can set up affordable monthly payments for their children’s devices - paying back the loan while still saving money compared to high-street prices.
  • With the devices in the hands of the students, you can also use the portal for tracking and managing devices, blocking access to certain websites and more. All at no cost to the school.


It’s long been a popular thought that digital devices in the home create better learning outcomes for children.

Since the global pandemic of 2020/21 though, the importance of access to devices has increased significantly – with remote learning part of the new normal for education.

At Wesleyan Bank, we use our experience in the education sector to help you get BYOD right. Through every stage of our funding scheme, we’ll be by your side providing expert consultation and advice.

Important information

Wesleyan Bank acts as a broker and a lender.

Written quotations are available on request from Wesleyan Bank Ltd. Credit facilities are subject to status and only available to UK residents over the age of 18. Wesleyan Bank Ltd reserves the right to decline any application.

Depending on the circumstances and where required by law, loans will be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Consumer Credit Act.

We operate in accordance with the Department for Education's leasing guidance for schools PDF (530KB).