Executor and Inheritance Insurance (Probate)

Key features:

Protection from disputes involving inherited property possessions

  • Insures 12 risks associated with estate administration
  • Single policy purchase, cover runs in perpetuity
  • Unique online quoting system for estates up to £1 million
  • Limits, exclusions and exceptions will apply
Why choose us?
At Wesleyan we realise the importance of Executor and Inheritance Insurance. It gives your clients peace of mind, protecting them from the unexpected.

Area covered**

  • Appearance of a missing beneficiary not known at the time of distribution
  • Discovery of a will after an intestacy distribution
  • Challenges to charitable legacies by somebody not named in the will
  • Unknown tax liabilities (other than Inheritance Tax)
  • Fraudulent beneficiaries

Exclusions and limitations on your insurance**

  • Wills discovered overseas are not included
  • If you take out Executor & Inheritance Protection Insurance you must stop looking for people who might have a claim upon the estate of the Deceased
  • You will not be insured if you knew there were questions about the deceased's mental capacity when they made their will and you did not tell us when you bought the policy
  • Claims by foreign nationals are not insured
  • Outstanding Inheritance Tax is not insured so you must ensure that it is calculated properly and paid

** For full terms and conditions of the policy and cover, including the policy benefits and exclusions, will be contained in the Policy document and Policy Summary within the Key documents sections


Peace of mind at a difficult time for your clients
Wesleyan have partnered up with DUAL Asset Underwriting (DAU) to offer you access to Executor & Inheritance Protection, the UK's only comprehensive protection product.

For a one-off premium, Executor & Inheritance Protection insurance protects your clients against a wide range of risks related to probate and estate administration. Typical risks include discovery of a later will, the appearance of a missing or unknown beneficiary and claims asserted after the estate is distributed. For full details, please read the brochure in our summary section.
How do I arrange cover for my clients?

  • Registered users - sign in and get a quote
  • Using your unique user name and password, you can get a quote on DUAL's online portal.
  • New users - Register today
  • Registration is quick and easy. Please make sure you read and agree to the terms and conditions of registration at the top of the short form.

These are also detailed on the FAQs in our summary section .

On receipt of your completed form, we will email your unique user name and password so you can get quotes from the online system.

Most quotations take less than a minute with immediate policy issue. Any enquiries requiring referral to underwriters are returned within two working days.

Key documents

Before you apply online, we recommend that you read the following documents:

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