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  • How to get the best from your Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) renewal in five steps

    This article gives you some key tips on how to prepare for your PII renewal, to give you the confidence that you have got the best terms for your business.

  • SRA Continuing Competence - are you competent?

    On the 1st November 2017, the CPD requirements for around 138,000 practising solicitors and their colleagues changed significantly away from an hour based regime to a competency based scheme.

  • Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Continuing Competence – are you ready for the new CPD regime?

    This bulletin will look at the new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) regime being introduced by the SRA this year and how it will impact on practitioners and their firms.

  • The PII Renewal Season: Overview

    This article gives an insight into the recent changes in the market and the issues that all law firms need to be aware of if they have still to secure PII cover.

  • The PII Renewal Season: Brokerage Case Study

    Nicola Lowe, Managing Partner at Dorset-based HG Walker Solicitors, explains how Wesleyan has helped with the firm's PII renewals.

  • The PII Renewal Season: Borrowing for PII

    Law firms may not always have the necessary funds readily available to pay for PII, so they may want assistance from a specialist lender that can develop special loan options and repayment plans.

  • PII - Fraud and IT Risk

    With the MoJ website being taken down on 11 February 2014 by hackers through a distributed denial of service (DDOS), it is clear that even a perceived strong system is far from immune. Read more...

  • PII - Wills and Probate

    For those studying law in the early 1980s, Lord Denning was held up as a model of the application of common sense. Lord Neuberger in the widely reported Supreme Court decision in Marley v. Rawlings 2014 UKSC 2 reminds us that whilst decisions may make the law appear momentarily less clear, they do helpfully apply a dose of overdue common sense.

  • PII - your views

    To improve the relevance and quality of our Professional Indemnity broking services, we invited law firms to complete a questionnaire about their experiences when arranging cover for their October 2012 renewal. Find out more...

  • COLP and COFA - where are we now?

    Months on from the official 1 January SRA approval deadline, and recent well-publicised business collapses, this article looks for evidence of the new compliance regime influencing active risk management strategies.

  • Insolvent Insurers - where's the beef?

    This bulletin highlights the financial risks if prior year insurers fail, and argues that there are substantial implications for brand reputation and your COLP & COFA.

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