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Annual Statement 2017

Annual Statement 2017

Your Annual Statement and Investment Update for 2017 will show how your investments have performed during the previous 12 months.

Will I receive a statement for my Wesleyan plan?

Your Annual Statement & Investment Update 2017 booklet will include statements for most investment-based plans held with us. However, because we have a legal requirement to send some statements at certain times, statements for some plans, such as stakeholder pensions and ISAs, will be sent separately.

Your Wesleyan plan will need to meet certain criteria in order to be included in your booklet. If it is a Conventional With Profits plan we will include it even if you have not paid into the plan during the last 12 months.

However, if your plan is Unit-linked or Unitised With Profits it must have contained units in it on 31 March 2017 for us to produce a statement. If you are not sure what type of plan you hold, you can check the top of your previous year's statement or your policy documents.

When can I expect to receive my statements?

The following table shows when statements can be expected. If your plan is not listed, it means that we do not normally produce statements for these types. If you are unsure you can check the Key Features document you were provided with when you purchased your plan, or you can contact us.

Plan type

 Plan type  How often  When
 Additional Pension Plan  Annually  July
 Affinity Personal Pension Plan  Annually  July
 Affinity Stakeholder Pension Plan  Annually  July
 Britannia Airways Group AVC Plan  Annually  July
 Capital Investment Bond  Annually  July
 Endowment Plan  Annually  July
 Equity Plan  Annually  July
 Fixed Term Savings Plan  Annually  July
 Flexible Savings Plan  Annually  July
 Free Standing AVC Plan  Annually  July
 Group Personal Pension Plan  Annually  July
 Group Stakeholder Pension Plan  Annually  May
 Homebuyers Plan  Annually  July
 Individual Pension Plan  Annually  July
 Lifetime Account Plan  Annually  July
 Lifetime Account Plus Plan  Annually  July
 Maximum Investment Plan  Annually  July
 Medical Sickness Life Assurance Plan  Annually  July
 Medical Sickness Pension Plan  Annually  July
 Midas Bond  Annually  July
 Pension Plan  Annually  July
 Pension Transfer Plan  Annually  July
 Personal Pension Plan  Annually  July
 Retirement Account Plan  Annually  July
 Select Bond  Annually  July
 Select FSAVC Plan  Annually  July
 Select Individual Pension Plan  Annually  July
 Select Investment Bond  Annually  July
 Select Investment Plan  Annually  July
 Select Personal Pension Plan  Annually  July
 Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)
 / Trustee Investment Plan
 Every six months  June & December
 Select With Profits Bond  Annually  July
 Staff Group AVC Plan  Annually  July
 Stakeholder Pension Plan  Annually  July
 TUI Group AVC Plan  Annually  July
 Unit Trust ISA Statements  Every six months  March & September
 Wesleyan Growth Bond  Annually  July
 Whole of Life Plan  Annually  July
 With Profits Income Protection  Annually  July
 With Profits ISA  Every six months  March & September

Please note that the above dates are for guidance and may change.

The calculations involved in preparing your statement are detailed and we have a rigorous quality control procedure that takes place before we send your statement. This process usually takes several weeks due to the complexity and volume of statements we send to our customers. A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions which relate to your policies will also be included in your Annual Statement booklet.

If you don't receive your Annual Statement(s) by 11 September 2017 or if you require further information in the meantime, please contact us.

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