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How will rising inflation affect financial planning?

financial planning
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With inflation predicted to rise above 4% later this year – potentially reaching its highest level in a decade – it’s no wonder that investors have recently turned their attention to this topic of discussion.

Despite this prediction, the Bank of England believes that this upsurge in inflation is “transitory”, and has so far ruled out bringing forward a rise in interest rates – its main tool for controlling inflation.

So, will inflation continue to rise? And if so, what are the implications for financial planning? In a recent podcast with FTAdviser, Wesleyan’s Senior Area Manager, Michael Copeland looked at how investors can protect their long-term purchasing power from inflation.

Speaking on the subject, he says: “Inflation poses a stealth threat to investors as it chips away at real savings. Most people who invest tend to increase their long-term purchasing power, and inflation puts that goal at risk.”

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