Capital Investment Bond

Key features:

  • Top up your investment at any time
  • Choice of 17 investment funds
  • Switch between funds
  • The plan pays a cash lump sum when a person(s) covered by it dies
  • Online access to your plan via My Wesleyan
  • Initial and ongoing charges apply
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Please remember the value of investments and any income can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.


An Investment Bond to help you plan for the future

The Wesleyan Capital Investment Bond (CIB) is an investment plan designed for people who are willing to invest a minimum of £7,500 over the medium to long term, usually a minimum of five years, with the potential for capital growth and income by accessing a range of asset classes.

Please see the Guide to Investing, in Key Documents, for more information. You accept the risk that when the investment is encashed you may not get back what you paid in. The amount that you get back will depend on how the investment performs, you may get back less than you invest. Charges are deducted from your plan.

Money in the Capital Investment Bond can be invested in up to 12 investment funds from a choice of 17 funds, in a way to suit you. You can move your investment into one or more different funds at any time, this is known as fund switching. You can make up to 12 fund switches in a 12 month period.  You will find details of the funds available in our fund fact sheets on the Fund Prices page.

Initial and ongoing charges

There is an Initial Advice Charge of up to 3% of each payment you make. This is paid to Wesleyan Financial Services to cover the cost of advice provided when they set up your plan. If after having set up your plan, you subsequently make a direct payment without taking further advice from Wesleyan Financial Services, the Initial Advice Charge will not be payable on that payment.

There is also an Annual Management Charge (AMC), which is a percentage of how much your plan is worth each year. The amount of AMC depends on the fund or funds that you invest in.

If you are taking a regular income from your plan we will increase the AMC by 0.3%. 

We may also charge you for switching your money between different funds.

More details about the charges are shown in our fund factsheets and Key Features Document.

Important Information

The minimum initial investment into the CIB is £7,500 and this can be topped up with further investments as long as each one is a minimum of £1,000.

You can take out a CIB if you are aged 18 or over, and are a UK resident for tax purposes.

You can choose to cover the life of one or two people. If you choose to cover the life of one person or of two people and you want the plan to pay out when one person dies, all of the people covered need to be aged 79 or under when the plan starts. if you choose to cover the lives of two people and you want the plan to pay out when both people die, only one of the people covered needs to be age 79 or under when the plan starts.

If the person(s) covered under the plan dies, we will pay out 101% of the plan's value.

The CIB can be held under trust to make sure that your plan is treated the way you would wish in the event of your death.

Please refer to the Key Features Document in the Key Documents section for details of the tax treatment of the CIB.

Key Documents

Key Information Documents

We and all providers are required to provide a Key Information Document, or KID for short. Each KID is unique to the product, with key information that customers need to know and understand prior to purchasing the product.

It's not marketing material, it's designed to help you understand the nature, risks, costs and potential gains and losses of this product and to help you compare it with other products. Please use the menu facility to find and download your KID(s).

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