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4 Apps that are not just for Christmas but for life

4 Apps that are not just for Christmas but for life

Christmas can be a busy and expensive time for many of us, so a helping hand is always welcomed. From helping you keep a track of your spending to creating packing lists, check out these apps to make the holidays stress free.  And the best thing - use these apps next year, to give you a head start to a more organised 2017!

1. Wunderlist

The run up to Christmas can be stressful with all the things you need to get done.  So get all your tasks ticked off your personal or professional to do list with the help of the Wunderlist app. 

You can add reminders, due dates and assign tasks - so whether you're planning this year's Christmas Day family get together, or you need reminding to book cinema tickets for the new Stars Wars film premier, the app can help you get organised and make sure you don't miss a deadline.  You can even share your list with family, friends and colleagues so now there's no excuse for your partner to forget to pick up the shopping on the way home!   

2. YourCloset

With this app, you don't have to despair about what to wear for upcoming holiday work dos, Christmas parties, family gatherings or weekends away.  Let this app make dressing up a breeze.  

Just take a snapshot of each item of clothing, footwear and accessory.  Once you have digitised your wardrobe, you can create virtual outfits and plan when to wear them on a calendar.  It will even create a packing list for you based on the outfits you choose to take with you on your trip. 

Plus, it's easy to refer to your 'wardrobe in your pocket', whilst you're shopping, so you don't end up with another blue shirt!

3. justWink Greeting Cards

If you wanted to post a Christmas card to family and friends abroad, you have missed the mailing deadline.  And the last posting dates within the UK, are literally around the corner. 

But not to worry, use the justWink Greeting Cards app to send a personalised Christmas card from your phone to  your friends, family, and beyond, via email, Facebook, Twitter or SMS. 

You could even send a New Year greetings card in 2017. And you can also use the app to send your best wishes for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.   
4. Toshl Finance

It's no surprise that you can lose sight of where you're spending your money, especially around Christmas and the New Year, with all the extras such as eating out and gift buying. 

Manage your personal finances with the Toshl Finance app which lets you track and budget your money, to help you get in control of your spending. It will look at trends based on your past spending and income, to help you plan your finances in the future.  You can also set bill reminders, so you never miss a payment.

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