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News Release - NHS 70 - Rachel Burrows' Story

By Rachel Burrows

News Release - NHS 70 - Rachel Burrows' Story

106 NHS staff put me back together. In May 2009, I was out cycling with my husband on a training ride.

We were half a mile from home when, on a descent, I cornered badly on a bend, lost control and went over the handlebars, flying into a tree headfirst at around 25 mph. Rachel's accident in numbers

The impact to my head caused a triple fracture to one of my lumbar vertebrae, so an incredibly unstable fracture around my spinal cord.

My helmet saved my life and my husband saved me from a very different life, by ensuring that I didn’t get up. That was when the NHS stepped in to put me back together.

After four days of assessment, I was transferred to the Midlands Centre for Spinal Injuries in Oswestry to begin my recovery journey.

As a true PR Officer at heart, I started to amass facts and figures on my recovery, in a bid to keep me amused by providing fodder for my newly created blog.

The stat I found most staggering was the number of NHS workers that I remember treating me: 106. And that didn’t include cleaners and kitchen staff, but those who were visible to me.

The stats speak for themselves about the breadth and depth of care the NHS provided me. I owe the NHS everything, I love the NHS and my life would be very different without them.

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