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Top 5 tips to get your home ready for Spring

Top 5 tips to get your home ready for Spring

The days are getting lighter and warmer, so shake off the winter blues and brush away those cobwebs with our top tips to make your home ready for Spring:

1) Spring clean

There's nothing more refreshing than having an annual spring clean of your home.  Admittedly cleaning is usually the last thing you'll want to ever do but you'll get great satisfaction once it's all completed.  If you don't have the time or the inclination, get a professional cleaning service to give your house a deep clean.  

2) Declutter

Create more space in your home by getting rid of items you no longer use.  Charities would welcome your donations or consider selling items online.  If you need motivation or advice on de-cluttering, check out Marie Kondo - a Japanese de-cluttering expert and her book "The Magic of Tidying Up".  Or find a professional organiser who can make personal visit to your home, to give you hands on help and support.  
It may feel like a difficult task however, this is a great opportunity to take stock of what you have and what you really need.  It can take time, money and effort to maintain and insure your belongings, so if you don't need it, find another home for it.

3) Bring in the outdoors

Flowers and indoor plants will bring colour to your interiors.  But not only that, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) discovered that houseplants can absorb harmful toxins from the air, so it can bring health benefits to you and your family too*.

4) Add colour

Brush away those winter blues by bringing more colour into your home.  Don't worry - you don't need to pick up a paintbrush! Add pops of colour to your home with accessories such as cushions, vases and even everyday items such as books.

5) Re-arrange your furniture and accessories

An easy way to change a look of a room is to move around the furniture and accessories in your home.  With the warmer weather you may not need to have your armchair by the fireplace - so consider moving it closer to the window, or even move it to another room in the house.  If moving furniture, isn't an option, even a simple thing like changing the pictures on your wall, can make a difference.
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