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Chadwick Lawrence: A Partnership without Bounderies

Chadwick Lawrence: A Partnership without Bounderies

Chadwick Lawrence prides itself on its straightforward, personable service for its clients and that’s exactly what they looked for when choosing a finance partner. For over 20 years, solicitors Chadwick Lawrence have been close, strategically aligned partners with Wesleyan Bank.

Chadwick Lawrence is a legal firm specialising in commercial and private law, with five offices that cover the West Yorkshire area. They are highly rated among their peers in the industry and they are well known for their customer-centric approach.

Being established for over 160 years, Chadwick Lawrence is now listed as one of the twenty largest firms in Yorkshire and Humberside, testament to an expert understanding of what is required to run a successful legal practice.

In 1994, the company was looking to make a much needed critical investment and required an independent finance partner to be able to support its acquisition plan;

“With traditional banking lines not supporting our practice needs, having a partner like Wesleyan Bank was critical,” says Jeremy Garside, managing partner at Chadwick Lawrence.

Wesleyan Bank continues to provide Chadwick Lawrence with ongoing support and consultation 20 years later.

“Working with Wesleyan Bank has enabled our practice to continue to grow beyond boundaries. Not only have they provided funding for many of the large cash spikes caused by PC, PII, Tax and VAT, they were able to arrange these bills into one monthly outgoing cost, which meant we have more predictability over our cash flow.”

“Our relationship with Wesleyan Bank has gone from strength to strength. The Wesleyan Bank team have been pro-active in supporting our needs, addressing market changes quickly and providing insight into news and legislations that will affect our firm.

"Our account manager has been a continued model of support and ensures that when forecasting for the year we are always strategically aligned.”

With over 175 years experience with professional practices, Wesleyan Bank continues to provide the professions with specific financial solutions to help meet needs similar to those of Chadwick Lawrence.

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