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Elective Competition Winner 2017

By Jordan Newport

Elective Competition Winner 2017

Meet Jordan Newport, a medical student from Glasgow University and one of the winners of our Wesleyan Elective Competition 2017. 

Here he shares with us his elective experience in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle!

An elective in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle!

I'm Jordan Newport , a 4th year living the med student life at Glasgow Uni. Guess I'd better say a bit about myself eh!

Well, I'm a 28 year old who had to take the long way round (I didn't get the grades) to follow the cliché childhood dream. I studied biomedical science at Sheffield, and spent 2 years as a spinal cord injury PT/OT assistant.

For me, Scotland's been ace! Whenever I'm not working / writing cases, I hit the highlands for the mountains or exploring. Of course, the downside is the weather…… BUT the rain brings a tonne of rainbows ;).

When it comes to travel, I've motorcycled alone to Russia, to Croatia, and around Vietnam, so my senior elective was always going to be a little unique… As if putting those ever-improving clinical skills through some paces wasn't enough eh!

So, for my senior elective I'm travelling to the deep Peruvian Amazon jungle. In fact, it's so deep in there that once I leave the city, I won't see a road until we return! But how does healthcare get delivered out there, you ask??.... well, on a specially designed hospital boat!

The plan is to fly into Iquitos - the largest settlement in the world that you can't drive to - to join the small team I'll be working alongside for 15 days.

Once on board, we sail downstream to visit the riverside tribal communities. Everywhere we stop we'll be taking care of 3 month's worth of ailments the villagers have been racking up.…….. 3 MONTHS!!!

And my guess is they're already people that don't complain over sniffles….

Imagine inflicting a minor wound upon oneself - let's say chopping off half a hand with a machete - then having to wait 3 months for paracetamol (let alone morphine) to arrive!

The type of treatment on board is pretty basic - antibiotics, analgesics, routine drugs, dressings - plus a minor surgery unit and a dentist.

Anything more serious gets referred to a hospital in Iquitos. I'll also be participating in 5 days of ophthalmology before 1 final week in one of the city hospitals of Iquitos.

Funnily enough, English won't be a local language in the jungle, so I best get learning some Spanish!

Hasta la Vista!

Are you going on an elective?  Head off on your travels safe in the knowledge that we've got you covered for problems such as cancellations for exam re-sit cancellations, HIV needle-stick injuries or unforeseen medical expenses with elective insurance from Wesleyan.

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