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Five of the best cars of 2017

Five of the best cars of 2017

2017 is set to be a spectacular year for new cars entering the market as many manufacturers prepare to unveil their big plans.

Following the recent release of the number 17 registration plate, March is the most popular month to take delivery of a new car which often prompts manufacturers and dealers to offer some tantalising deals amid stiff competition.

So whether you're seeking something practical, economical or sporty, Wesleyan Bank has selected five of the best cars which will hit the road in style.

Mazda MX-5Mazda MX-5

Stylish, agile and captivating, the Mazda MX-5 is a classic sports roadster which is now in its fourth generation. The latest two-seater convertible model is smaller, over 100kg lighter and more efficient than its predecessor but has lost none of its thrillseeking power.

 Due to its relative affordability and renowned fun factor, the MX-5 has achieved almost iconic status during its 25-year history. Now one of the most popular cars in Europe, around half of MX-5 vehicles are sold to UK owners.

alfa-romeoAlfa Romeo Stelvio

The UK car market has witnessed an SUV boom in recent years which shows no signs of slowing down as exciting new models enter this rapidly growing sector.

The pick of the bunch is arguably the innovative Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Possessing powerful four-cylinder engines and seductive styling, the Alfa's multi-link aluminium suspension has been built to embrace the travelling spirit that defines a true SUV.

Alfa Romeo's latest masterpiece features 505 horsepower, carbon fibre materials and 8-speed automatic transmission to provide a memorable driving experience.

Audi A8Audi A8

Audi's latest luxury saloon will be one of the most hi-tech cars on the street. The A8 will boast a next generation Virtual Cockpit dashboard and come with Audi's Piloted Driving system, enhancing its existing Traffic Jam Assist technology which can drive the car at speeds of up to 37mph.

The A8 offers supreme passenger comfort with generous seating, leg room and climate control and is available with a broad range of specs, from petrol-electric hybrid to the impressive S8 and W12 models.

Kia niroKia Niro PHEV

Hybrid sales in the UK and mainland Europe have
doubled over the past five years and are expected to reach 700,000 annually by 2020. The Niro heralds Kia's entry into the plug-in hybrid family car marketplace and will only be used for electrified vehicles.

On full charge, the car's 8.9kWh battery should travel up to 31 miles on electricity alone. The car's low CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency, combined with its 1.6-litre petrol engine and six-speed double-clutch automatic transmission make the Niro an attractive proposition.

Smart fortwoSmart ForTwo

Now in its third-generation, Smart's ForTwo car offers urban practicality and lower running and maintenance costs. The latest model boasts a quieter but more powerful engine platform and includes a remarkable turning circle, allowing the cars to virtually pivot on their rear wheels.

This makes the ForTwo a perfect vehicle for city driving and its seamless manoeuvring will allow you to squeeze into the tightest of parking spaces. Offering comfort and a host of clever functions, it's easy to see why this two-seater hatchback is a popular choice.

When considering buying a car it's important to establish your budget and understand the difference between your needs and your wants as everyone has a unique set of requirements in a new vehicle.

If you decide to take out a loan to pay for a new car, always be mindful of tempting offers and check the small print as the lowest rate is not always the best option.

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