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GP Contract Changes 2017

GP Contract Changes 2017

The new GP contract which was agreed on 7 February included major changes around sickness cover reimbursement for GPs. This comes into effect on 1 April and will impact all practices covered by GMS and PMS contracts with NHS England.

How this will work

From 1 April, sickness cover reimbursement will no longer be a discretionary payment, but a practice entitlement. The qualifying criteria based on list size has been removed.

GPs within the practice can now be used to cover sickness, mirroring existing maternity payments. There will be no medical exclusion criteria for this sickness reimbursement. Payments will be available after two weeks of a GP being absent from the practice due to sick leave.

Payment amount

The maximum amount payable for sickness cover has been uplifted to £1734.18 per week. Payments will be made for up to one year. For the first 26 weeks this will be in full, then halved for the remaining 26 weeks.

The BMA have indicated that this will be paid monthly in line with current arrangements and that any delays should be raised with the practice's LMC.

What is not covered

Reimbursement will not cover non-sickness related GP absence, such as jury service, suspension or compassionate leave. Locum GPs are also not covered. Other people who would not be covered include nurses, pharmacists, Practice Managers, plus other clinical and support staff. The practice would need to fund sick pay arrangements here.

Payment shortfall

It is likely that the weekly GP sick pay costs to the practice will be higher than £1734.18, for all GPs working more than two days per week.

GP Partners would be expected to cover any shortfall. This is likely to be around £1416 per week, for a full time GP. Based on a one year payment of 26 weeks in full and 26 weeks at half pay, the shortfall could be £96,174.

Existing locum insurance

The sickness cover reimbursement cover for GPs will not provide the full level of benefits associated with comprehensive locum insurance.

Insurance can be adapted to suit the specific needs of each practice, taking into consideration GP contract changes. The reduction in locum insurance costs may allow for cover to be broadened across the practice, without increasing premiums.

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Practice Protector Plus

Wesleyan's Practice Protector Plus is designed to provide peace of mind to practices when it is needed most. It is designed to help cover the costs of hiring a locum GP, employ temporary staff when key individuals are unable to work, or provide sick pay benefits for employees.

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