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Join the Wesleyan Panel

By Sonia Sidhu, Marketing Insight Analyst

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Our Panel is a group of people whose opinions help us to better understand their lives, careers and needs. Over the years our interaction with the Panel has influenced our strategy and shaped key decisions around the products and services we provide.

How it works

Once you have joined the Panel, you will receive email invites to take part in a variety of interesting surveys. These are short and usually take 5-10 minutes to complete. You will have the choice whether to take part or decline on each occasion and you're able to withdraw from the Panel at any time.

Our surveys are conducted by phone, post, or email. Occasionally we may invite you to take part in focus groups or one-to-one interviews, where you would be compensated for your time.

Previous projects have included:
  • testing new product ideas
  • campaign messaging
  • literature reviews
  • testing concepts for our website

Only a select number of members are contacted for individual projects at any one time, depending on project criteria. This ensures that we're able to elicit the views of range of the Panel and do not contact individual members too often.

You don't have to be a Wesleyan customer to join the Panel as we're interested in the views of all in our professional segments (GP, Hospital Doctor, Dentist, Teacher or Lawyer).

If you have any questions on the Wesleyan Customer Panel and its operation, please contact Sonia Sidhu on 0121 200 9607 or email

To join the Wesleyan Customer Panel follow this link.

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