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Elective Competition Winner 2017

By Jordan Newport

Elective Competition Winner 2017

Meet Jordan Newport, a medical student from Glasgow University and one of the winners of our Wesleyan Elective Competition 2017.  Here he shares with us the first part of his elective experience in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle!

Here's Jordan's second update

The adventure begins…

So, after lots of packing and a whole lot of not as much Duolingo as I´d have liked later, the moment has arrived that I am cloaked by the sweltering 30 degree humidity of the Amazon jungle on a Thursday evening.

Packing was not easy.

Peru is often considered to be one of the most diverse lands on the planet - 60% Amazonian basin, 30% mountains as high as 22,000 feet, and 10% lapped by the pacific ocean whilst also being within the ´driest place on earth´ - the Attacama desert. 

So my preparations are including both a kit for a possible 40 degree Celsius jungle experience, plus the possibility of 25 degrees Celsius on a 6000m mountain, I hope to climb with my travels afterwards.

Reality only hit me when I got my first sights of the office for the next two weeks…. from 37,000 feet! 


A perfect carpet of ivy green, every now and again parted only by a colossal serpentine-like river.  I didn´t have long to savour it on the plane, as darkness ensues at 6.30pm here. When you see this view, it is incredible to imagine people living in this habitat.

Landing in Lima

Lima itself turned out to be a pleasantly mild climate - although it has taken some readjustment to get used to another common theme of developing countries - insane traffic! In Lima, white lane markings on the road are perceived more as a challenge, as opposed to any lawful restriction.

The travelling took the energy out of me a little so I left the urban exploring to my return in a couple of weeks. I was duly whisked back to the airport this morning for my flight into Iquitos.

And now here I am. Smothered by a wall of wet warmth from the second I walked through the plane door. Rudi, our Vine Trust co-ordinator, picked me up at the jungle city airport and packed me into a people carrier.

Start of the road trip…..

Finally I met the guys I´ll be sharing a boat with for 10-14 days. Among us we have:
Two doctors (Laura, Rachel - Northern Ireland), one dentist (Amy - Northern Ireland), one  Nurse practitioner (Ingrid - Wales), and two of us medical students who hope to bring our own elements to the cause (Me and Chris - Australia).

To my surprise we are not staying in Iquitos tonight, but are currently driving to the roads-end town of Nauta before we join the Amazon Hope 2 boat tomorrow. Another city that I´ll have to wait to see! No problem.
After a bit of introductory chat between us all, the others have nodded off (they reportedly had a heavy karaoke session last night).

For me, soaking up the jungle views whizzing past my window, whilst passing tuk-tuk after tuk-tuk, is enough entertainment for the next two hours.

Super psyched to be here. Can´t wait to get started.

Hasta Pronto!

Watch out for more updates from Jordan on his elective adventures! 

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