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Learning at your fingertips: Perins School

Learning at your fingertips: Perins School

Perins School is a Community Sport College in Hampshire for students aged 11-16, renowned in the area for its forward thinking approach to technology in the classroom. In 2013, it required a finance solution to help fund over 200 new devices for their students, which came to a value that exceeded £111,000.

Although already involved in a payment scheme which allows students to take ownership of laptops for school work purposes, the school found that the slow device start-up was impacting and disrupting classroom time. In 2013, plans were made to move the scheme over to the Toshiba Z30 Ultrabook, a laptop not only with a start-up time that was four times faster but also very resistant to wear and tear.

Having worked together in the past, Perins School Business Manager Clive Surry once again approached Wesleyan Bank to help provide finance for the cost of this upgrade. Funding was secured through Wesleyan Bank’s Learn Anywhere scheme, a programme that ensures a school will get the best result for its budget.

“What was particularly helpful was that it was a seamless partnership. It didn’t feel like we were taken advantage of at any point, it was very collaborative,” said Surry. “The transaction was very straightforward. There is a greater level of predictability over how much the scheme will cost,” he added.

However, for the scheme to succeed it required financial commitment from the parents – a monthly donation that would see the child owning the laptop at the end of a 3-year contract. Wesleyan Bank provided Perins with wording and communications to staff and parents to help them to get on board with the scheme. Transparency was important from the outset for the school and parents alike as to how much this fee is going to be, and also to ensure that it is not too high that it discourages parents from entering the scheme.

“Wesleyan Bank were on hand to help throughout the development of the initiative. One thing that was greatly appreciated was their willingness to help with aspects that fell outside of the finance feature, including wording and the setting up of the gift aid option for parents. This willingness to collaborate is another of the aspects that sets Wesleyan Bank apart from other finance companies we have dealt with.

“I think I can say with conviction that Wesleyan Bank’s partnership approach and collaboration has helped Perins to achieve our technology ambitions in the classroom, and we look forward to developing our working relationship further in the future,” Surry said.

Wesleyan Bank’s Learn Anywhere scheme enables education establishments to offer their students 1:1 access to a device. This means that schools like Perins can offer students a robust and sustainable technology learning programme, giving them the ability to succeed now and in the future.

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