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Meet the CIO - Steve Fourie

Meet the CIO - Steve Fourie

Introducing Wesleyan's new CIO

Steve Fourie became Wesleyan's Chief Information Officer earlier this year,
with the CIO function focusing its energy on moving the Society into an agile
digital workplace. We recently sat down with Steve to learn more about his plans.

Have you always been interested in technology

Computer says YES! - George Bernard Shaw is famous for saying: "People see things; and say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?" This quote probably most accurately reflects how I have always felt about technology.

As much as I am a "gadget man" I believe technology should add value and make the "impossible" possible. If we look at some of the great applications of technology, especially around Internet of Things, such as smart homes and cities, wearables that improve quality of life, artificial intelligence and machine learning in business, I'm super excited about what we're going to achieve at Wesleyan.

What kind of skills do you need in your profession?

70% passion, 20% brains and 10% luck. I have been in and around systems and business change, innovation and operations for the last 28 years, and have personal experience in the majority of digital roles. Nothing beats experience or the proverbial "battle scars".

The biggest challenge I believe: identify what you value in life. Is it achievement, security or purpose? Then try and discover what you love before you go too deep down the rabbit hole. Don't wait to do what you love. Take risks and stay positive, no matter what.

Why did you decide to work at Wesleyan?

My decision was solely based on Craig's, and the wider Executive's, passion for wanting to make an already successful business a 21st century digitally enabled, technology company where the customer is at the heart and innovation at the fore.

I have been at Wesleyan for several months now, and can honestly say that the passion I saw during the interview process is visible everywhere, and as such I'm very pleased with my decision!

What's been your biggest achievement?

Being recognised as the youngest ever Captain in the South African Defence Force.

What are you goals at Wesleyan?

Not to be known for "Computer says NO!" and to create an environment where we can be successful and make this great business extraordinary.

The outcome you may ask? A customer centric business which our people love to work for.

What was the last app you downloaded?

Workplace by Facebook.

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