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My Elective - Blog 3

By Anna Phillips

My Elective - Blog 3

Top Ten Adventures of the A Team

I was so lucky to be able to share my elective with three incredible friends. Alice, Alex, Annabel and I were so determined to see as much of Zambia as possible. We planned an action-packed adventure for every sunny day in this beautiful part of Africa.

Sleep was often sacrificed for 12-hour bus journeys across the country in order to take full advantage of the weekends. I wanted my final blog to capture some of our most unforgettable memories. We have far too many stories to tell in just 400 words, so here are my favourite.

1. Natwange Backpackers! Here, we spent many sunny afternoons with our feet in the pool, sipping a chilled Flying Fish, playing cards and snuggling the puppy, George.

2. Chaminuka Game Reserve - we walked with giants, enjoyed a cheese and wine tasting experience in a cave and topped it off with a sunset boat ride.

3. Monkey Pools - because what makes you feel more alive than jumping out of a tree into a sparkling blue lagoon.

4. The answer: jumping off a bridge at 111m with nothing but a towel and some rope around your ankles to prevent you from falling to your inevitable croc-infested death.

5. Surviving the stifling 12-hour bus journeys together by memorising 61 items in the all-time classic game: ‘I went to the shop and I bought’ . Then, being so relieved to arrive at our weekend destination that we threw ourselves in the pool fully clothed. Then, sheepishly dripping our way through reception to the check-in desk.

6. Surprise visits from a special guest at Croc Valley...

7. Bundling ourselves into safari trucks at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise over Africa, spending a full day soaking up the beauty of the bush, and watching the same African sky come alive at night over sundowners.

8. Pretending to be posh with High Tea at the Royal Livingstone, then going back to
stove-boiled water for a cuppa at our kettle-less but fantastic hostel.

9. Getting soaked to the bone by the mighty Zambezi and Mosi oa-Tunya, aka Victoria Falls: ‘the smoke that thunders’.

10. And finally, I loved all the moments in-between. Every minute of shared silence as we sipped our coffees in the morning, every inside joke that kept us giggling at night, every excuse we made for eachother to order yet another ice cream... and how everyone called us The A Team.

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