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My Jamaican adventure is underway

By Harry Apperley and Joe Dorgham


And so it begins. The Jamaican adventure is underway. Finding our feet more at a crawl than a run, we've quickly found out that 'no rush' really is the modus operandi out here.

Assaulted by a 35 degree sun as soon as we stepped off the plane, we sweated our way to Cornwall Regional Hospital. Situated in a commanding position at the top of Mt Salem, the hospital is a concrete giant amongst corrugated iron huts and lush green palm forest.

Our humble abode in the doctors quarters boasts little luxury, air conditioning and hot water notably absent but more than compensated for by friendly neighbours and a glorious view of the turquoise Caribbean sea and and a melting orange sunset.

We're still very much tourists here, much to the amusement of the UWI medical students who are beginning to act as our fixers to try and avoid otherwise extortionate cab fairs!

Day one in the emergency department has been eye opening and exhilarating in equal measure. After an introduction to the enigmatic and charismatic senior medical officer Dr Fray, we have been quickly immersed in the hustle and bustle of an A&E where space is at a premium and resourcefulness is key.

Needless to say a few trips to the paradisiacal beaches have come as welcome relief from the jerk-heat of the hospital machine. With medical and recreational escapades coming thick and fast, we look forward to writing our next report over an icy Red Stripe in the next few days. From Harry & Joe, over and out.

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