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Practice Appraisal - Your Questions Answered

If you need to discuss anything else, simply give us a call

Q - What exactly happens on a practice appraisal?
A - A professional appraiser will visit your practice and assess its contents, make risk management suggestions to help you avoid some of the most common surgery claims, check you comply with insurers warranties and will assist you in establishing what your surgery insurance needs are.

Q - Why should I have a practice appraisal?
A - A practice appraisal will help you to identify whether your current insurance is fit for purpose and help you avoid a surprise should you need to claim.

Q - Is it really free?
A - Yes. It won't cost you a penny, all we ask is that you allow us to provide a quote for your surgery insurance.

Q - How long does an appointment take?
A - Appointments usually take around one hour, dependent on the size of the practice.

Q - Who will have to be there?
A - The Practice Manager or the person responsible for arranging insurance will have to be there to answer questions and show the appraiser around the premises.

Q - Can I get an appointment out of practice hours?
A - Yes. Appointments are arranged at your convenience.

Q - Will I need anything?
A - It would be useful to have details of your current insurance arrangements.

Q - Who will visit the practice?
A - You'll be visited by one of our experienced panel of professional appraisers.

Q - What if I discover we are underinsured or inadequately covered?
A - We can help - we will contact you following the appraisal to discuss the findings and provide a quote to match your unique surgery insurance needs.

Q - What if I have to cancel my appointment?
A - As appraisals are offered by professionals at our expense, we will still be charged for late cancellations - so we'd really appreciate at least 48 hours notice. Please call 0800 107 5810 to cancel your appointment. You, however, will not be charged.

Q - Could Wesleyan offer me the level of cover I need?
A - Wesleyan is committed to offering its clients this bespoke service and has a range of tailored surgery solutions that are backed by the highest levels of personal service.

Request a surgery appraisal

  • Arranged for a time convenient to you.
  • Carried out by one of our professional appraisal experts.
  • Provided at no cost to you.
  • Identifies if your current cover adequately protects your practice.
  • Will take approximately one hour.

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