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Relaxing beach holidays among top destinations for teachers this summer

Relaxing beach holidays among top destinations for teachers this summer

Increased workloads, mounting pressures from exams, long hours, uncertainty surrounding educational reform and a general shortage of teachers - it is no surprise that many have been enjoying the summer break.

In fact many teachers end up spending more on going away over summer than any other time of the year1. With the long summer holiday providing the much-needed opportunity to detach and recharge spending more could be a symptom of wanting to really treasure their time off, relax and not worry too much about the cost.

Our recent survey received responses from over four hundred teachers in attempt to understand more about the habits of the educators of the next generation.

No surprise then that teachers, like the majority of Britons, enjoy the sun and sand. Our survey suggested that more than eighty percent consider relaxation as the major reason for their holiday and more than seven out of ten including beach holidays in their top their top preferences.

1 according to our recent survey this was as many as 86% of teachers (318/370) who answered this question.

City breaks also remain popular, particularly with those 25-34 year olds over three quarters of which chose city breaks as one of their three choices. Whilst spending time with family proved important across the board.

Bondi Beach in New South Wales, Australia (pictured above) is one of the most famous beaches in the world and one of the busiest beaches in Australia. Tens of thousands of people visit these sands every year. Whilst many backpackers, travellers and youngsters visit the beach it's also a spot for many Australian families.

Spending time with family members was the key holiday driver for those aged 35-54.  Some 37% of teachers without children still identified spending time with extended family as important.

On holiday it's natural to want to make the most out of the time we have, because by definition holiday is a finite period of time. When we are in the moment we don't often stop to think about the practicalities or financial impact of that extra ice cream or if the next restaurant will be cheaper.

It's not fun or relaxing to constantly be counting the pennies on holiday, particularly if you're dealing with a foreign currency - and the basic instinct is to think you deserve a treat. It's important is to think ahead though. We have created material and resources that are helpful for teachers when they go abroad.

Wesleyan offered some holiday planning top tips earlier this year (see our article how teachers can get more out of their holidays and save money). This was part of our commitment to do more for our customers with Wesleyan also hosting of over 76 free pre-retirement seminars for teachers across the country this year and producing free lesson material for primary school students mapped to the curriculum.

The lessons, on subjects as diverse as PE, history, English and numeracy, tied in with the charity children's book we helped produce, "The Unstoppable Maggie McGee" (in support of Birmingham Children's Hospital). We have also teamed up with Partnerships for Children to provide coping and resilience coaching for those at Primary age.

Planning takes many forms and if you are going abroad checking the exchange rates and how much your debit or credit card charges for foreign currency transactions and withdrawals will mean you are better prepared and more in control of your spend.

From beach holidays and city breaks to activity holidays, road trips and camping or boating, teachers love spending their summer holidays doing the things they love. Some choose to spend the summer volunteering, travelling or even working, it's this choice that remains one of the most attractive aspects of teaching and helping professionals to be able to do what they love is one of the reasons we exist.

From everyone at Wesleyan we wish teachers everywhere an enjoyable summer and remain available to help teachers with any needs they may have during this time and throughout the year from travel insurance to personal loans and dedicated financial advice.

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