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Things they don't teach you at Dental School

By Fahad Alawsi

Things they don't teach you at Dental School

Fahad Alawsi is a dental student at Queen's University and is also a member of Wesleyan's Junior Advisory Board. Here he shares '5 things that they don't teach you about dental school'.

1) You will never be lost!

Most dental schools now offer personal tutor services. These enable dental students to meet with personal tutors on a one-to-one basis. Tutors can help with matters relating to dentistry and may even offer advice outside of your studies.

Do not be afraid to contact them with any questions you may have. Remember; they were once in your shoes themselves so their advice and support is always worth seeking.

2) University does not solely revolve around your dental studies

Studying is great... and getting to the qualifying point is extremely rewarding. However, there is so much more to enjoy at University, so don't limit yourself by course choice, or limit your connections to fellow medical / dental students.

Consider signing up to Societies, Clubs and charity groups at your University to meet a wide range of fantastic people - some of whom will undoubtedly become friends for life!
Socialising and expanding your social circle is not only a fantastic way to meet new people; it also boosts your interpersonal skills and adds new strands to your CV.

3) Over time, your academic studies become more difficult, but you will adapt to change better

Moving large cities can be daunting and difficult for many students - especially during the first few months. If you feel homesick, know that it this should get better with time, and that the majority of people get to where they want to be eventually.

Do not stress yourself with trivial matters and remember that you always have the support of your Students' Union.

4) You CAN save money while at university

Working part time at a restaurant or a pub is a popular choice for students, but plenty of universities now offer on-campus opportunities that are relatively well-paid.

I have personally volunteered as a residential life assistant at my university for four full academic years. I've made some amazing friends while in this role and it also helped me to save some of my student loan.

Look around for opportunities both on and off campus - there's almost always something out there worth doing!

5) Enjoy it! It really is the best time of your life

Make the most of your time at University. It really is an amazing time and you will have some incredible experiences.

This guide was written by Fahad Alawsi, a member of Wesleyan's Junior Advisory Board. The views expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

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