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Top 10 most expensive items in your home

Top 10 most expensive items in your home

When you're insuring your home, it's important to know the value of it's contents.

You need to make sure your most expensive items are included in your contents insurance so you'readequately covered. Under-insurance of homes puts householders at risk should the unexpected happen.

Do you know the value of your possessions? Or which is the most expensive?

The value of contents in people's homes can vary a great deal, based on their interests, needs and what they like to spend their money on. 

Here's our top ten list that might help to get you thinking:

1. Furniture

From our experience, furniture is probably the biggest percentage of a home's insured items.

2. Clothing

The average family has over £10,000 of clothing that represents a reasonable percentage of overall insured items. Many of us often over look clothes when looking at our home insurance. Designer clothes, handbags and shoes all add up.

3. Jewellery

This is an obvious one, but also the most variable. It's worth looking at the jewellery items you do have and evaluating their total value. When was the last time you had a valuation?

4. Carpets, curtains and soft furnishings  

Carpets, curtains and blinds and different pieces of furniture can vary quite a lot in price.  Especially bespoke items made for your home or high end or antique furniture.

5. Computers and electrical items 

Don't forget any computers, laptops and tablets, games consoles, cameras and phones. As well as other 'gadgets' such as specialist sound systems, sophisticated lighting systems and other smart technology. So make sure you know how much yours is worth.

6. Sports equipment

If you have gym equipment in your home, skiing equipment or bikes, it's worth remembering the value of these.

7. Garden tools and equipment and furniture 

Lawnmowers, tools and other garden related items are often quite expensive items and are easy targets by thieves. Make sure you know the value of the items you have including any additions such as hot tubs, which could get accidentally damaged.

8. Collections

Be mindful of any personal collections you might have such as artwork, coins, stamps or collectable toys.

9. Musical instruments 

If you or a member of the family plays a musical instrument remember to include these in your home insurance.

10. Luxury crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils

Luxury crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils can often be overlooked when considering the value of contents in your home. Kitchen gadgets and quality tableware can add up to be quite expensive .

If you'd like to discuss your home insurance options with us under no-obligation,  Visit:  or if you require a higher level of cover with more complex insurance needs contact our Private Client insurance team by visiting

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