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News Release - Wesleyan Head of Security to Lead on New Regional Safety Initiative

News Release - Wesleyan Head of Security to Lead on New Regional Safety Initiative

A new safety and security information sharing service is launching in the West Midlands. The Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) is a national initiative designed to promote greater links between Police, Government organisations and businesses to share information in the event of an emergency.

Originally established in London in 2011 ahead of the Olympic Games, the CSSC is now being rolled out across the UK. Barrie Millet, Group Head of Security with financial services mutual Wesleyan, has been asked to lead the Board of the West Midlands CSSC.

Don Randall MBE said "The CSSC in London has proven to be an extremely successful way of sharing accurate and timely information on safety and security issues with two-way engagement between the Police, Government and businesses.

"Setting up a similar network in the West Midlands will enhance our security infrastructure and build stronger networks.

"We wanted someone with a strong security background and good business ties to lead the West Midlands Group.

"Barrie's experience makes him the ideal candidate and he has advised firms around the globe on security and resilience issues. His current role at Wesleyan, one of Birmingham's oldest businesses, means he has access to a wide range of business contacts."

Barrie added: "I'm honoured to have been asked to Chair the Board of the West Midlands Group. We already have strong networks as a region but having a formal way of bringing together police, local government and cross sector businesses will really help us to quickly share vital information about any ongoing threats and risks. This could cover anything from cyber threats through to large-scale protests.

"In the event of any major security threats such as a terrorist incident we can step up ways of communicating."

 Anyone interested in joining the Board of the West Midlands CSSC should contact Barrie on 0121 200 9031. This is a voluntary position and open to anyone in the region with a security or resilience background.

Businesses can subscribe to the CSSC Group by visiting the CSSC website at

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