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£10,000 for Sensory Learning and Play

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"I don’t know how we would’ve coped without this service."

In late 2018, Sensory Learning & Play CIC were awarded £10,000 from the Wesleyan Foundation for their BRIDGE project, helping young people with additional needs transition from school to further education.

Sensory Learning & Play work with children who have additional needs, ranging from ADHD, autism, ASD, developmental delay and those unable to speak or walk. The BRIDGE Project initially ran for 12 months which aimed to smooth the transition from school to further education and training, benefitting 108 young people.

Naomi Williams, Sensory Learning & Play, said:

“Everyone who accessed BRIDGE, in many cases, exceeded expectations by achieving social inclusion, improving emotional intelligence, family relationships, basic life skills, health, wellbeing, and accessed training or further education and employment.

The initial funding gave us the opportunity to evidence our project and the impact that it’s had. The project has been a lifeline for many young people and their families.”

As the gap of need in this area continues to grow, the project has continued to support young people. Naomi continued:

“The young people have continued to be supported past the life of the initial grant. We now offer this project online and in family homes, where young people are not ready to access the community due to personal anxieties.”

One parent, supported through Sensory Learning & Play, said:

“The time he spends with his mentor is great for us all, it gives me some one-to-one time with my daughter. The mentor gives fantastic support and he considers his mentor a friend. Before he accessed this service he would very rarely leave the house except for essential journeys, he now looks forward to the time he spends with his mentor.

Without this service continuing during the pandemic I don’t know how we would’ve coped. My son’s anxiety increased and we were struggling. Time with his mentor gave him a chance to talk about feelings, while learning new things that would help when he’s older."

Naomi concluded:

“We’re extremely grateful to the Wesleyan Foundation, as a small community organisation we are often struggling to remain sustainable. The funding gave us the opportunity to create a footprint in our community and remain. We’re hoping to gain larger funds to develop the project into one which can continue to help those affected on a long-term basis.”

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