Income protection for medical students and new doctors

Let Wesleyan support the start of your medical career

Why choose specialist income protection from Wesleyan?

Whether you’re still studying or you’re a newly qualified doctor, we’ll make sure your financial health doesn’t suffer if you’re hit by illness or injury. We’ll even pay your premiums in your final year of medical studies.

  • Receive a regular tax-free income to help cover your outgoings should you become unable to work or study
  • Cover your income before or after you qualify as a doctor
  • Access free care and support services to help you back to health
  • Let Wesleyan pay your premiums in your last year of studies
  • Enjoy discounted premiums once you qualify as a doctor
  • Get benefits tailored to fit around the NHS sick pay scheme
  • Take your cover with you wherever your career leads

Why you need protection

When you’re just starting out in the medical field, your whole world revolves around caring for others. But it’s important to look after yourself too. That means protecting your income in case you’re unable to work or study due to ill health.

The NHS Sick Pay scheme provides some support, but it will only go so far when you’re new to the health service. During the first year of service, for example, you’re only entitled to one month’s full sick pay and two months’ half pay. 

Could you pay all your rent, bills and other expenses on half your salary? And what happens if you’re off for longer – when sick pay stops altogether?

How Wesleyan can help

Our specialist income protection plan is available for:

  • Students in their final or penultimate year
  • Qualified doctors in their first five years of work

It’s designed to dovetail with any NHS sick pay you’re entitled to, providing peace of mind and longer-lasting financial support when you need it most.

Care and support

Here at Wesleyan, we believe that income protection should be more than just a financial comfort blanket. It’s also about helping you get back on the road to recovery.

That’s why we provide practical care and support services at no extra cost alongside your plan – helping you back to health and fitness as soon as possible.

You can find out more about the benefits of our income protection plan by reading this Key Features Document.

Student cover

Aged between 20 and 34, and coming to the end of your medical studies? We don’t just provide income protection cover – we pay for it on your behalf.

Once you qualify as a doctor, you’ll automatically move over to our new doctor cover, with discounted premiums for the next five years. 

New doctor cover

Even if you didn’t take out our student cover, you can take out our new doctor cover at any point during your first 12 months as a qualified doctor.

New doctor cover is designed to start paying benefit when you need it. It usually begins when your NHS sick pay stops or reduces.

Flexible cover

Flexible cover starts in the fifth year after your qualification as a doctor.

It provides you with a range of options to tailor your cover. That includes your choice of deferred period (when your benefits start to be paid out), how much cover you need, and how long the plan should pay out for. 

If you’ve already been qualified for more than five years, find out more about the income protection we can offer. 

Frequently asked questions

  • How much benefit will I receive?

    Student Cover:

    You’ll be entitled to a fixed benefit of £210 per week. The benefit is payable after the first six weeks of your absence. 

    New Doctor Cover:

    The cover provided is designed to reflect the typical starting salary and increases in the early years of your career. The amount of benefit you will initially be eligible for is £380 per week. You can choose to increase this. 

    To help make sure your cover reflects typical salary increases and any rise in the cost of living, this figure will automatically increase by 10% each year. You can choose to reject the increase.

    Flexible Cover:

    If you didn’t turn down any of the fixed 10% increases, the normal amount of cover you can expect will be £556 per week.

    If you chose to increase your cover above £380 per week when you had New Doctor Cover, the starting cover in the Flexible Cover phase will reflect this increase.

    If you refused any of the 10% fixed increases during this phase, the starting cover may be less.

  • What qualifies as a claim?

    To successfully claim benefit, your illness or injury must prevent you from completing your studies or, once you are working, from fulfilling your role. 

    This means you are totally unable to carry out your essential duties because of your illness or injury.

    We’ll always need to see a medical report from your doctor before we can pay out. Sometimes we may require you to provide more details or evidence too. There’s more detail on how we assess your claims in the Key Features Document.

  • How many times can I claim?

    There’s no limit to the amount of claims you can make under your plan.

    All we ask is that you restart paying your premiums when your claim ends so that you maintain your cover. Unless of course we’re paying the premiums for you at the time.

  • How much does income protection cost?

    If you’re taking out student cover, it won’t cost you anything in your final year of study. We pay the premium for you. 

    After that, your premiums under our New Doctor cover are subsidised, but the exact price of your premium will depend on the level of cover you choose.

Key documents

Below you will find some useful documents to help you better understand our income protection plan. Have a read through before you apply. You might want to save them for future reference too: