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New Unit Trust Funds Launched

In order to expand investment options to suit customers' evolving needs, Wesleyan launched a range of new unit trust and funds in June 2016.

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How to help fund rising university costs

Higher education costs have soared in recent years and a debate in the House of Commons earlier this year has left many predicting student debts will rise further in the near future.

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Confused about pensions? You're not alone

When the wide ranging pension reforms were introduced in April 2015, it was claimed they would increase the choices available to those who had worked hard and saved responsibly throughout their working lives.

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Travel insurers pay out £1 million every day

An emergency abroad can be expensive, so when travelling overseas it's important to take out travel insurance to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

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What is the impact of Brexit on the financial markets?

It's been a month since the UK voted to leave the EU. This is both a substantial and unprecedented step for the UK which has generated significant debate and political turmoil. In the short term, this can create uncertainty in the investment markets.

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