Unfortunately, there may come a time during your career in dentistry whereby you become too ill to work or suffer an injury that prevents you from practicing. We're here to help ensure that your financial health does not suffer during this time, by providing a Wesleyan Personal Income Protection plan for dentists.

We provide help when you need it most

"Most people rely on their salary to meet monthly expenses such as bills, rent or mortgage payments.

If you were unable to gain your salary through ill-health or injury, you may be left in a difficult situation when trying to cover your regular outgoings.

With a Wesleyan Personal Income Protection Plan, we can provide you a tax-free income*, should you suffer an injury or become ill and unable to practice as a dentist.

Our plan starts paying you a replacement income if you suffer an illness or injury that means you can't work and can continue to support you until you are able to return to work, or until you reach your chosen plan's end age."

How you can benefit from a Wesleyan Personal Income Protection Plan

  • Monthly payments if you are unable to work due to an injury or illness
  • Flexible cover options, enabling you to adapt your personal plan if your needs change or as you progress through your career

In the short video below, we explore how your Specialist Financial Adviser from Wesleyan Financial Services can help you to prepare for, achieve and protect your desired financial future:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I expect from a meeting with a Specialist Financial Adviser?

    When you request a detailed conversation about your finances, a Specialist Financial Adviser from Wesleyan Financial Services will usually meet you in person in the comfort of your own home. The meeting can often be done via video call if you prefer.

    During the meeting, your Specialist Financial Adviser will look at your financial situation as a whole, and discuss your specific goals, priorities or concerns.

  • Is the advice free?
    Advice is provided on a no obligation basis. That means that while our Specialist Financial Advisers will often make a recommendation for you, there’s absolutely no obligation to take out any Wesleyan products or services.

    Just be aware that if you do choose to take out a Wesleyan financial product, there may be an initial fee to pay. Your Adviser will outline all this to you at the start of the meeting.
  • What should I prepare ahead of the meeting?
    To make the most of your time with your Specialist Financial Adviser, it can be handy to have your questions ready, as well as any information or documents relating to your finances (such as savings or investment details).

    You may also be asked to complete a ‘Financial Outline’ ahead of the session. This enables you to tell your Adviser about your current circumstances and future goals, so they can prepare an appointment tailored to you.

    If you choose not to complete the Financial Outline in advance, you’ll need to do it as part of your appointment.
  • How soon will I be able to get a meeting?
    You won’t have to wait long at all. Complete the booking form today and we should be able to get you an appointment with a Specialist Financial Adviser within the next ten days.
  • How long does the meeting last?
    An initial meeting with a Specialist Financial Adviser will typically last around one hour, though it does depend on the complexity of your circumstances.

Request a call back

Your time is precious, now more than ever. So, let us arrange for you to speak to a Specialist Financial Adviser from Wesleyan Financial Services at a time and date when it’s convenient for you – over the phone or online. Simply fill in a few details and we will be in touch.

* Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in future.