Doing business with Wesleyan

Wesleyan wants to ensure that it is easy for suppliers to do business with us, to support our drive to deliver the best value for our customers. It is important to us that we treat our suppliers fairly, and that we honour our contractual commitment for example paying on time.  

We also expect our suppliers to be fair to us, for example following the agreed communication channels and processes, offering good value for money and delivering to agreed standards.

All suppliers are fully vetted before commencing any activity for Wesleyan and as part of the onboarding process you must be prepared to fully participate in responding to our enquires.  

Wesleyan expect all Suppliers to ensure that they (and their supply chains) follow the Supplier Charter along with supporting Wesleyan’s commitment to safeguarding against slavery and human trafficking in all areas of the business and supply chain.

Invoicing requirements

We have a no-purchase order, no-pay policy. Therefore, please be aware that if you start any work for Wesleyan without a valid purchase order, you will be working at your own risk. If anyone from Wesleyan requests that you start work without a purchase order, please decline, contact your Procurement & Supplier team representative and ensure that a purchase order is raised.

All invoices should be submitted via email to Any follow-up queries regarding invoicing should also be addressed here. Please note that invoices should not be addressed to named individuals.

Payment terms

Our standard payment terms are 30 days, following receipt of a valid invoice. Please note that our standard payment terms for invoices not received via the above route are 60 days. Ensuring that invoices match purchase order values will prevent any delay to payment.

Contacting the Procurement team

We have a Procurement & Supplier Management team that manages our key supply relationships and any tenders. For any supply related enquiries the optimal response can be gained by making initial contact via Please note that this email address should not be used for invoicing or payment queries.

We will prioritise queries from existing suppliers in relation to current service provision.  We are always keen to hear about your ideas for supply optimisation,  but we are not able to respond to every speculative new business contact.